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The Beginning of the Fercicon: What is Reality?

How does the world work and what is real and what is not real?

I’ve been asking this question since I was a child, as far as I can remember. There were many, many inconsistencies, lots of things that don’t add up. Some say that we have come here to learn lessons or to correct mistakes, some people say that this world is chaos, for some, the truth, that this world is governed by the supreme mind, and for some, the powerful people of the world. At first, I believed that the world somehow worked, but gradually realized that all of these were metaphors, paintings of the world, but not reality. Perhaps part of the truth, but not the truth in the final instance.

And for some reason, the majority of writers in a variety of projections forget that the picture of the world that exists in consciousness and reality are different things. In the meantime, if we stand in the position of “the world has been arranged in any other way”, there is always opposition to some other worldview.

And the world will inevitably be wider than its description.

That is why I take the view that the world is “whatever”, and what to believe and through which to build a life, man chooses.

Assuming that any picture of the world is only part of the truth, I have often wondered whether it is worthwhile to create a single picture of the World in my mind at all. and is it possible? and (if you are), does this picture of the world cover a real, true reality?